Should this exist?

We still have some ethics to go. This week, we talk about the power and ambition of the people. Sometimes, it is really frustrating to see how the ones who are in charge to bring technology and solutions to the people are more interested in generating a profit by launcing (as Donna Summer used to say) “hot stuff”. The most convincing thing right now is to give people things that are modern, nicely looking and aimed to solve a “need” (that sometimes they don’t really have). It is al merchandising magic, but sometimes this does not brings very nice consequences.

The most, let’s say, “common” thing for people to do should be elaborate and develop things for the main purpose of helping people, for solving people’s problems and to guarantee a better way of life for many. It is valid to see the profit potential, but should be seen in a lower priority, that’s how professional ethics say things should: when one has a degree and chooses to work, he or she does it to serve his or her society. However this is hardly met, and ambitions overlaps god will.

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People tend to take advantage of the others, and most of all if they don’t really know what is all about. Technology area is a perfect place to do so, because on one side we have people that know about this and work, and, on the other side, we have people that does nit know nor are they interested in knowing, they are just waiting for a nice product to come out to buy it at once. Also, many of these people does not have really big problems, they are just lazy or a little stubborn, and also happen to have money.

In the end, tech people see the chance and take it. They produce things just to make profit, not thinking if those things should be made, or if they would only make a pain in people’s lives. Take, for instance, Nike’s self lacing shoes. They sound amazing, don’t they? Well, this shoes have just been an absolute pain for its users. Many issues have been detected, for instance, connection problems and app disfunctionality (app is the only way to know the status of the shoes, btw). This makes us think about the ethical manners. I don’t say that Nike did this in purpose, but it is, as far as I can see, unnecessary, or not worth all the pain for some smart show. Sure Nike now has a lot of problems to overcome, but, also, a lot of money incoming!

Your $350 Nike self-lacing sneakers aren't as smart as you hoped

Ethical ideas for doing things must center in the people, in the final users, and not think about only taking advantage of the community to make money. Some things are better staying simple, one thing is to create a better living for all, and another is to force a change in people’s lives just to find profit and benefits. People has the power to do a lot of things, but the will of that people should always be to have a better life for all, ot just for a few. Sadly, we can be very worried about this, because that is what happens nowadays, and, most likely, the people that rule and decide over the world are the ones that will continua doing it, because they have the monetary capacity to do it.


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