“Smart” surveillance

This time, we will take a closer look into the delicate theme of the spying and surveillance. We all know that government organiations spy its citizens. And think about it: we all know. We know it amd think it is normal, because it is. I cannot deal with how deep this is. We’ve seen many cases in which the spying evidence is clear and solid, and there is where we know what all the countries’ organizations are capable of. This, in my opinion, is a lack of responsiblity from those organizations, which very often go too far in this matters.

For this week, we have the case of a muslim woman in the US, who was spied over the years by the FBI. They were part of a pre 9/11 program for trying to erradicate terrorism and all that. But every muslim person that was involved in that investigation says that they were just paranoid about that. They knew they were being watched, they knew they could see and hear them, they had to be very careful about what they said and what they did. Instead of erradicating terrorism, they were traumatized and very afraid of themselves and their families.

Resultado de imagen para muslim

This woman (Assia Boundaoui) became really aware of this, and made a lawsuit to the FBI. She won, and so the FBI was forced to release more than 33,000 pages of the spying reports. But this wasn’t made for just to look for revenge or spread the information to everyone. She intends to develop an AI tool for analyzing and predicting the patterns, techniques and reasons for a particular case of spying. She wants to help people to live a peaceful life and lower the levels of high spying.

This tool comes to a new vision on this things, in my opinion. This, if made true, can cause also several problems and benefits. Benefits are the power that this may give to the people, but trouble with the more powerful organizations may come close in a short time. I can think in a case where this technology is powerful enough to predict spying cases, but, one way or another, organizations may use their resources to block the use of this kind of AI.

Resultado de imagen para fbi

I personally think this was a great topic. I never thought on using AI for detecting spying cases. Surely the approach is very interesting, but also, we got to think about repercussions of this. As I said, there may be many people that want to erradicate it, and this may initiate a world of anger and dispute between those parts. I think this topic will also gain strength as time passes, and will become an official affair for the future of the smart cities concept.



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