Smart focus on circular cities

As I was, once again, reading about news for smart cities, I came across many of them using the concept of a circular city. I once read some things about circular cities, but haven’t really thought as them for a smart city development, I don’t know why. The approach of a circular smart city surely can become very interesting and could get very good results, if many things for allowing a circular city are thought from the beginning to make it easier and better.

First of all, the concept of a circular city. A circular city is, basically, a city that can minimize its own waste through the design of certain strategies for handling properly the generation of its own garbage and what to do with it. It may recall to the general reciclying theory, but this is something more complex. A circular city uses its own waste to produce something that will benefit the city. Waste can be turned into heat, electricity, prime materials, construction tools, and some other things.

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Amsterdam is a pioneer in circular cities. Since last year, many of its investment has been used in the investigation and generation of processes to turn waste into goods, and so, change from the “linear city” concept to the circular city concept. Of course, the projection benefits have been calculated and releases. It is estimated that, in the first year of fully implementing the circular city, Amsterdam city will 85 million euros in the construction sector, and 150 million in a more general overview. Also, are developing a system that can generate 900kWh of energy per 1000 kg. of trash, and also, one that turns water into natural gas.

Why should we think of this for a future smart city you may ask? Well, think about it. In a near future, we may want to save resources as a store for unknown things to come. If we are also trying to make the lives of people better, this may be a way to lower costs and pollution in general, so better and happier lives will be gotten. It is a little incoherent for a smart and technological city to generate a lot of pollution, so I reallt think this concept should be checked and included in all the plans for a smart city.

I think time is still good for people to think about this. Not just for people, for all of us, the rewards can be huge at the end, but we need to get together and begin acting, since the strength of a full community can make a real change in today’s cities and societies all around the world.


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